Sticks Make-up


May this note find you and your family safe and well. 

This update is only for families 

who were enrolled last semester, Winter 2020.

Thank you for reading it all.

When we first had to cancel

 the last two weeks of classes 

for the STICKS songs collection, 

 Nini, Dulce, Adrienne, Joy, Ginny, and I, like each of you,

hoped that this would be a short term break in our on location

classes and that your in person makeups 

would be available in just a few short weeks.

As of today, April 25, 2020, NYC and NYS have not yet announced 

a definitive date of when we may return to our locations for classes.

I am extremely grateful to Gov. Cuomo for the leadership 

he is providing our state and the example he is setting for our country.

Music Together with Music and Me   

has a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C

for all classes moving forward:

Plan A: Current Maracas Song Collection remains Music Together® Online 

for the duration of this semester 

Plan B: IF allowed to return to locations before semester end, the majority 

of MTOnline classes will remain online, while also returning to locations

Plan C: Summer Song Collection will definitely be offered as MTOnline 

and if NYC and NYS advises, in person classes will also be available


Many Sticks families joined Maracas MTOnline and received a courtesy $50.00 Discount for your makeup classes

As of May 12, 2020

 We will be announcing your makeup classes available

via Facebook Live and Zoom to be scheduled between May 15 and June 26.

These are now the only options for makeup classes from your STICKS semester.

Thank you for your patience as we carefully considered

as many options as possible, for you to get your makeup classes

and stay connected to your community of music makers!


Be Well!, Wendy

Wendy DeAngelis, Center Director