03122020 enrolled family update


Hello Everybody! 

I hope you all had a chance to read the recent Update Health Policy/Covid-19 email that I sent out on Monday.

We have prioritized safe cleaning practices, health, safety, and joyful music making since 2003.

Our families have always been hypervigilant about staying home when ill, or having a contagious ill family member or friend in their home, for which our community of music makers is grateful.

In addition to ongoing communications with Music Together® Worldwide about best health and safety practices, I have spoken with every location where we hold classes who are exercising those same sanitary practices.  In short, we are all doing everything we can.

That said, the unknowns about Covid-19, and how many current cases exist is impossible to know at this time with the lack of testing in our country. Dr. Anthony S. Fauci has stated that we will see cases increase the more testing we have. The age range that typically attend our classes does not seem to be affected greatly by this virus.  Anyone with underlying health conditions or those immunosuppressed should follow their Drs. orders. Every family follows their own personal guidelines. 

Fortunately, we gather in small groups, and lesson plans have been adapted with some props not being used, and to include only grown-up/child hand touching, and cleaning of all instruments after each use, not just those that have been mouthed.

CLASS SCHEDULE through this this 11 class session :

  • Saturday March 14, 21
  • Sunday March 15, 22
  • Monday March 16, 23, 30
  • Tuesday March 17, 24
  • Wednesday March 18, 25
  • Thursday March 18, 25

Spring Maracas Song Collection

  • Thursday April 2 first day of first week of classes 
  • Spring Holiday Break: Thursday April 9 through Friday April 17
  • Classes resume Saturday April 18

IF there are changes to this schedule you will be contacted and it will be posted on our website and FaceBook.

We are an exceptional community of music makers! 

In addition to thanking Nini, Dulce, Adrienne, Joy, and Ginny, I thank each of you.

Warmest Regards,