Registered Music Together® teachers lead parents and caregivers in a nurturing musical environment that is carried over into their daily lives. Children are biologically wired to respond most to those with whom they have close bonds.

We help you build those bonds at Music Together with Music and Me, where ~ Music Learning Supports All Learning®!








The newly imagined, and designed Music Together keepsake songbooks arrived to everyone's delight!


Fall 2018~Fiddle, Winter 2019~Drum, Spring 2019~Tambourine, Summer 2019~Banjo



Fall 2019~Flute



What happens at home after our Music Together® Classes? 




Music Together with Music and Me celebrates 15 years of music making with families throughout Queens! Here is a video made when we were known as Mommy, Music &, Me.   












Thank you to Founder and Co-Author Kenneth K. Guilmartin, and Co-Author Lili M. Levinowitz, Ph.D. for Music Together, this beloved early childhood music and movement program that we have the continued honor of bringing to you and your family!